R. Kelly’s alleged sex slaves filmed enjoying themselves at his 2016 concert

A video has emerged showing three of the women who featured in the “Surviving R. Kelly” docuseries at one of his concerts. This video has people wondering about their story.

In the video shot in October 2016 in New Jersey and recently obtained by TMZ, Jocelyn Savage, Dominique Gardner, and Azriel Clary are seen standing front row, next to each other, in clear view of Mr Kelly while he was performing onstage.

The women were dancing and cheering. They seemed to be enjoying themselves and Azriel even gave Kelly a high five.

In the recent docuseries accusing Kelly of sexual abuse, loved ones for all 3 women featured in it and claimed Kelly held them against their will.

But the video shows the women looking like they were happy to be in Kelly’s company and their relationship with him was voluntary, as opposed to what their parents say that they are held against their will.

R. Kelly

The behaviour of the women has been questioned but it could be explained away as Stockholm Syndrome, a situation where victims develop a connection to their captor, but it’s really a psychological defense to survive an ordeal.

Of the three women in the video, Jocelyn and Azriel are still living with R. Kelly but Dominique’s mother convinced her to flee from the R&B legend. Jocely has repeatedly said during interviews that she is fine. But her family do not agree and they say she has been brainwashed by the singer.

Meanwhile, the woman who shot the concert footage says R. Kelly noticed her recording and he felt uncomfortable about it so he repeatedly asked his security to remove her. She says they eventually did without explanation, according to TMZ.

Watch the video below.
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