New Free Glo Unlimited Browsing For 2019

2019 january New Free Glo Unlimited Browsing For 2019
To the Glo users out there this is for you.

In this tutorial DALE will be teaching you how to browse unlimitedly using GLO SIM.

So, if you know the GLO Coverage in your area is very strong, I say you try this little trick out this is a no-brainer.

Easy-peasy people just Get a GLO SIM.

AnonyTun Pro

Download Anonytun Pro from server 1
Now Install the Anonytun Pro

Now on your network access point settings set as seen above

Launch your AnonyTun Pro App and click stealth, use the settings below

Then use the picture below as HTTP HEADERS

Now hit connect and choose any countries server.

Note you need to have at least 2mb on your SIM for it to work. (Your 2mb won’t be deducted)

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